Laya Yoga Meditation On Internal Sounds

Laya Yoga Meditation On Internal Sounds
LAYA YOGA: MEDITATION ON INTERNAL SOUNDSLAYA yoga is the absorption of the mind in sound. The goal of this practice is to alter one's normal awareness of self by focusing on hearing an internal, mystic sound. The mind will become steady and absorbed in the sound on which it focuses. In space, sound is produced by the movement of sound waves in the air. So, too, in the body, there are currents that flow and produce sound when one practices pranayama.To do this practice, sit in SIDDHASANA and focus the attention on the spot between the eyebrows. Turn the eyes upward and let the lids remain closed. The eyes, ears, nose, and mouth should be closed. With a calm and controlled mind listen for a sound in the right ear, and eventually you will hear a clear sound. In the beginning the sounds will be very loud and varied, but with continued practice they will become increasingly subtle. At first one may hear sounds that seem to pound and surge, like the beating of a kettledrum. After some time, in the intermediate stage, the sounds will resemble those produced by a conch shell, or by bells. Finally, after further practice, the sounds will resemble tinkling noises, the sound of a flute, or the hum of bees. All of these sounds are produced within and cannot be heard by anyone else. One should practice being aware of both the loud and subtle sounds, alternating and varying one's awareness from one to the other, so that the mind will not be inclined to wander.When the student's mind is intently engaged in listening to these sounds, he becomes captivated by them and overcomes all distractions. As a result of this practice, the mind gives up its outwardly directed activity and becomes calm, desiring no objects of sense gratification. The mind and breath become refined and one's attention is focused within. Then the yogi forgets all external objects and loses consciousness of himself, and the mind is absorbed in bliss. The absorption that is produced when the mind enters the sound (nada) emanates spiritual powers and a sort of ecstasy, and one forgets his whole material existence. If one desires to attain this state of union, one should practice listening to the anahata sound in the heart with a calm and concentrated mind. When the mind focuses on the sound, it becomes steady. Mental activity is suspended when the mind is absorbed in the sound. The accomplished aspirant interpenetrates the anahata sound and attains the state of SAMADHI through this method, laya yoga.These internal sounds can be heard only by those whose NADIS are free from impurities and who are well practiced in pranayama. The ANAHATA sound comes from sushumna, and, as with other sounds, it cannot be heard by the aspirant until this nadi is free from all impurities. Thus the practice of concentration and absorption with nada (sound) is only possible after considerable preparation. A beginner can instead perform BHRAMARI KUMBHAKA, in which a humming sound resembling a bee drone is produced in one's throat. This practice requires breath control, so that the breath may be exhaled very slowly, producing the sound for a significant length of time.Just as focusing the awareness on the eyes produces special powers of vision, directing one's awareness to the ears allows one to detect special sounds. By directing the full force of one's attention to these senses, the deeper powers develop. Directing the thoughts to any particular sense of the body awakens one's conscious awareness of the powers that correspond to that sense. Concentration upon the organs of the body that are involved in any practice increases their power and sensitivity, and intensifies and strengthens that organ system.Concentration shows itself in five progressive mental stages: analysis, reflection, bliss, ecstasy, and meditation. The first stage is one of gaining knowledge about the nature of the object. The second step is that of pure reflection; here the lower stage of analysis is transcended. In the third stage, the power of reflection gives way to a blissful state of consciousness, which later merges into the pure ecstasy of the fourth stage. In the fifth stage, one losses awareness of all sensation and external awareness gives way to a state of complete meditation. In samadhi, there is neither seeing nor hearing, neither physical nor mental consciousness; pure existence and total absorption on the absolute is experienced.


The Family Business A Sermon

The Family Business A Sermon
LUKE 2:41-52

Oh, how they do grow up! They start out as cute little babies, but before you know it, they're twelve, and that original cuteness has begun to wear off. 12-year-old kids are liable to speak their minds - even to their parents. So, would it surprise you to learn that Jesus is no different?

When last we gathered on Thursday Evening, we found Jesus lying in a manger, surrounded by proud parents and some rather dirty shepherds. We filled the night with carols, such as "O Come all Ye Faithful", the "First Noel," and "Silent Nigh"t. We sang songs of joy and thanksgiving to the one lying in that manger, all wrapped up in swaddling clothes. Yes, along with the angels and the shepherds, we sang:

"Infant Holy, Infant Lowly, for his bed a cattle stall;

Oxen lowing, little knowing, Christ the babe is Lord of all.

These much beloved songs project an image of a gentle glowing baby, and we all seem to like babies. Little children like them, as do the oldest among us. But, like I said, babies do grow up, taking on their own identity, and breaking free of their parent's grasp. In most societies this begins to happen around age twelve, and while we have a long period of preparation called adolescence, ancient societies lacked this intermediate period of life. You went from childhood to adulthood almost over night.


We don't know very much about Jesus' process of maturation. The gospels are rather silent about his growing up years, with Matthew being the only other canonical gospel that even offers a birth narrative, and he is silent on the years between birth and baptism. This doesn't mean that we lack stories about this period of Jesus' life. It's just that these other stories seem rather odd. They're more akin to watching Superboy grow up in Smallville, learning to manage his super powers. These apocryphal gospels depict Jesus as a miracle worker, who uses his super powers mostly to benefit himself. So, if you cross him, be careful, because this Jesus hasn't yet learned to rein in his powers, and you just might end up dead!

What we have before us in this morning's text is the lone canonical picture of Jesus' growing up years, and it's just one snapshot. The picture comes from a trip south to the annual Passover celebration. Jesus is twelve and the family had traveled from Nazareth to Jerusalem in a caravan. On the way home, about a day into the trip, the parents discovered that Jesus was missing. That sounds sort of odd to us - we would probably report parents like these to Child Protective Services, but this is a different time and place.

Upon returning to Jerusalem, the frantic parents finally stumble upon the young Jesus after a three-day search. He's just sitting there in the Temple courts, talking theology with the teachers of the day. Everyone is amazed at his level of understanding. This is a precocious child! He might not be turning his clay pigeons into real ones, but he confounds the wise with his own wisdom. It might be worth noting that Jesus ends his teaching ministry in the same Temple precincts - but his message isn't as well received.

When the parents confront Jesus, he's rather surprised that they were worried. As he saw it, they should have expected him to be about his father's business! If you read between the lines, it would appear that his tone isn't all that pleasant. It almost seems as if he is talking back to his parents. Maybe he thinks they've embarrassed him in front of his new friends - You know how it is to be age 12.

But, however the conversation may have gone, in the end, he returns home with his parents, and Luke says that he grew in wisdom and stature, and in both divine and human favor. And the next time we see Jesus, he's an adult, who has come to John to be baptized. But, as Luke tells the story, Jesus doesn't need to be forgiven his sins - he just needs to be commissioned to take up his life work.


In the ancient world you didn't normally choose a career for yourself. If you were a male, you followed in your father's footsteps. Joseph is said to have been a carpenter or some kind of builder or even a laborer, and so it would have been expected that Jesus would take up the same trade.

I'm glad things have changed -- Although my father enjoyed history and even preached a little when I was really young, selling specialty advertising isn't my cup of tea! And I don't think Brett is planning to follow in my footsteps either - at least not the preaching part.

When Jesus told his parents that he was in the Temple doing his father's business, he wasn't talking about doing carpentry or stone work, he meant, talking theology. In a sense he was redefining his family boundaries. While he would return home with his parents - Luke says that he was obedient to them - in the course of time he discovers both a different vocation and a different sense of family. For him, family would be defined by faith and not lineage. Instead of Joseph being his father, God would be his father, and therefore, his calling would be take up the Father's business.

So, what does this have to do with us? Does it not redefine our own sense of family values? We've just finished celebrating a holiday that tends to be defined by family connections, and yet even as Jesus discovered a new sense of family, the same is true of us. And like him, we have been called to join in this family business.


As we contemplate what it means to take up the family business, I hear another word in the text calling out to us. It's a call to consider what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

In the verse that precedes this morning's text, in a passage that bridges the infancy narrative and this story of Jesus' youth, we hear that the child, living in Nazareth, grew strong and was "filled with wisdom; and the favor of God was upon him" (Lk 2:40). Then, in the closing verse of today's text, we hear that "Jesus increased in wisdom and in years, and in divine and human favor" (Lk 2:52). These two verses provide a set of parentheses for the story about the Temple encounter. They both speak of Jesus growing in wisdom and in favor.

The way of discipleship involves growing in wisdom and in the favor of God. As we prepare to enter a new year, one that is full of new possibilities and opportunities, we hear in this text an invitation to prepare ourselves for taking up the family business - that is the business of the kingdom of God.

In thinking about what this means, I turned to a new book by Philip Clayton, in which the author writes that "in recent years Christian churches have been losing the battle of significance." 1 Part of the reason for this is that we simply don't know our story very well, which means we have trouble living our lives from this story. Many Christians find it difficult to say why their faith makes a difference in their lives. This makes the call to bear witness to the love and grace of God in Jesus Christ difficult, because we're not certain of our place in God's vision of the world.

Clayton suggests that we need a robust theology, one that is reasonable, inclusive, engaging, and rooted in the biblical story. In order to gain this confidence, we must grow in the wisdom that comes from our encounters with Scripture, tradition, and in the faith experiences that emerge from our encounters with God and with each other. In this, we discover a vision of the kingdom of God, one that invites us to work with God "for the salvation of this planet and all its inhabitants" (Clayton, p. 153). Jesus had that sense of vision, and it was one that he developed as he grew in wisdom and in stature.

The church year, which begins in Advent and continues to and beyond Christmas, serves to remind us of the full-orbed nature of the Christian story. It begins with a promise that bears fruit in the birth of Jesus, and continues on as we encounter God in our daily lives, wrestle with the questions of faith, engage in matters of life and death, and then hear the call to join with the community of faith in the work of God. This may be circular, but as we tell and retell the story, it becomes part of us, and we discover in this story our connection to the family of God. And as we find our place in God's family, we also discover our calling to take up the family business.

1. Philip Clayton, "Transforming Christian Theology for Church and Society," (Fortress Press, 2010), p. 152.

"Preached By:"

"Dr. Robert Cornwall"

"Pastor, Central Woodward Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)"

"Troy, MI"

"1st Sunday after Christmas"

"December 27, 2009"

New Year Tarot Forecast Spread

New Year Tarot Forecast Spread
Whichever go out with, authority vis-?-vis New Being Day, I like to do a chock-full Tarot reading for the welcoming go out with. This is the spread that I mature for this seek. It's a thickset one, weighing in at 26 cards, so I definitely believe to set mention a good cut of time to really let them all alight in. I skin these fight and pin them to my calendar, to use as a guide round the go out with.

The real McCoy twelve cards denote the twelve months, and what influences inner self be coming in to mess popular that month. Each one card can denote a substance for that month, alert me of challenges pass on, or soak a bit of fiber clothed in my path.

Cards 13, 14, and 15 denote what influences are middle carried patronizing from the previous go out with - what I am holding on to from the go out with formerly. Sometimes we grasp on to bash we believe to, other times its court to let them go. These cards can help you make that prize.

Cards 16, 17, and 18 mean what I inner self be carrying patronizing clothed in the bordering go out with - what I inner self be cargo out of this burst go out with and inner self be influencing the launch preceding it.

Cards 19 and 20 denote what inner self be cruise me this go out with. As put forward are austerely two cards in these positions, they corrosion a lot of weight. They are the over-arching challenges, situations, or influences that inner self be cruise my path, for exceed or subordinate.

Cards 21, 22, 23 and 24 denote the themes of each season - Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, and Samhain, each, and what each quarter-turn of the gearshift inner self bring.

The solution card, 25, is a keyword to corrosion with me round the go out with, whisper or instinct for the coming go out with.

I long your new go out with is full of health, wealth, sparkle and flare, and that it blesses you with new adventures and dreams realized.

Review The Secret Life Of Houdini By William Kalush And Larry Sloman

Review The Secret Life Of Houdini By William Kalush And Larry Sloman
Why did I read a biography of Harry Houdini? Well, why not? :) Actually, a friend of mine made a passing comment about how difficult it would be to escape from a straight-jacket (as you do) and I realised how little I actually knew about the man who was renowned for that very thing, other than he was probably quite good as escaping from (previously) unescapable stuff. Turns out there's more than that, otherwise this would be a very short biography.

Summary: "Since his death eighty years ago, Harry Houdini's life has been chronicled in numerous books, films and on television. Now, in this ground-breaking biography, renowned magic expert William Kalush and bestselling writer Larry Sloman find the man behind the myth."

"Drawing from millions of pages of research, they describe in vivid detail the passions that drove Houdini to perform ever more dangerous feats, his secret life as a spy and a pernicious plot to subvert his legacy. It is an intimate and riveting portrayal of Houdini, the man and the legend."

This is the only biography of Harry Houdini that I have read, so I have no idea how it measures up in comparison to any others. However, I "can "tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I whipped through this thick, fairly heavy non-fiction in three days and enjoyed every second. It's engrossing, accessible and just generally fascinating throughout.

To begin with, it's thorough but not to the point of boredom. I don't feel the need for biographies to tell me the minutiae of the subject's life and Mr Kalush and Mr Sloman have respected my wishes in this area. It begins with Houdini's childhood but provides only a brief summary, for which I respect the book even more. Then we're straight onto his magic and escapism, which is conversely extremely in-depth.

It covers a "lot "of different areas - aviation, films, the Secret Service, the army, his challenges, his fellow magicians, etc. Naturally some are more interesting than others, but I never knew he dabbled in so many different things. Did you know he was the first person to a plane in Australia? Oh, and let's not forget the 'spy' rumours. I hadn't heard these before, but on the blurb of a different edition it says "'"in exchange for his cooperation, the governments of these two countries "(Britain and America)" facilitated his rise to the top of the world stage.'" Apparently it's A Thing that Harry Houdini was a secret agent. I would have automatically disbelieved it, but there is evidence (and I'm a lawyer - I'm holding them to a high standard of proof!) that he reported back to his government on the conditions of German jail cells and trained certain agents in escaping from restraints. I'm sceptical that he was involved any more than this, but it's still amazing that he actually "was "part of the war effort.

That's partly the conclusion I've come to, actually. I'm not sure he was a nice man (judging by his arrogance and how aggressively he denounced his competition), but I do think he was a "good" one. He spent 50,000 (back then!) just on entertaining the troops during the War and funded several charities with varying objectives, not to mention his perseverance in debunking fake mediums.

Ah yes. Spiritualists. I learnt an awful lot about this particular area and it was written absolutely amazingly. I had no idea he was so politically active - he tried to push a Bill through to prohibit phony mediums completely and attending every meeting to demonstrate how fake seances could be pulled off. He became such a threat that there were several attempts on his life by the spiritualists.

Which leads me neatly to Arthur Conan Doyle. Yes, "that "one. This part had me on the edge of my seat and opened my eyes to all sorts of new information. Did you know his wife was a medium and he was actually an active Spiritualist? He died with very little money due to opening a psychic bookstore near Westminster, just as an off-side. Anyway, apparently he and Houdini used to be good friends until this debacle exploded and well... spoilers! I didn't have a clue about any of this previously but now I think of it every time I see a Sherlock Holmes book. It just doesn't add up in my head with the methodical fictional detective!

I've somehow ended up reviewing the man instead of the book, haven't I? Sorry. Well, it's good, anyway. It's written in a strange mix of styles that actually works really well. A chapter will begin written almost like a story, with proper dialogue, thoughts and feelings but then switches almost seamlessly into standard non-fiction. It's weird, but I liked it. It might not be for everybody though - my boyfriend started to read this book but the style annoyed him to such an extent that he got distracted by something shiny and gave up.

Clearly Harry Houdini was the basis for books like "Jonathan Strange ">

I've done it again, haven't I? *swooshes back to discussing the actual damn book* Anyway, believe it or not, there are facts about Harry Houdini that I "haven't "already told you in this review, so you should go buy the book and learn them. It's well-written, entertaining and impartial (for the most part), so it's an excellent place to learn more about the legend you thought you already knew.


On Bravery

On Bravery
Before I had the job I work in currently, I had my first grown-up job. My dream job actually, with an organization I wanted to work for as a kid. With stars in my eyes, I put in two good years before I left with a lot of emotional baggage, and a bit of a grudge. Granted, I got out well. I applied at another organization I loved and got in and I remain there now. I switched careers, moved to a new city, and basically changed my whole life into a life that I love and find very fulfilling.

On the surface it probably looked like I had everything under perfect control. I didn't. Well, my process worked well, but mentally and emotionally I was absolutely terrified. Changing jobs to one where I knew hardly anyone and moving to a new place with zero financial cushion room was just plain scary. I was afraid to leave my friends, afraid to leave my job (though more afraid of being fired), and afraid to re-create everything I knew.

What changed in me and made me put in my notice was obviously bravery. I needed it and I needed it bad, so I invoked it. I've heard people say that it is somehow "dangerous" to invoke a generic feeling. I really don't think this is the case as long as you understand the options that are laid out before you. Bravery can arise within you in a couple different ways. It will arise in desperation when you have few options left, or it can arise in times of greatness. Sometimes the bravery that arises starts in despair and turns the situation into a great one. The choice is yours.

To invoke bravery, we should understand the type of energies that make up this feeling. Bravery is fire, consuming obstacles that stand in its way. It keeps the body warm and alive in harsh conditions, pushing it to not only survive, but to thrive. It is also air, flowing out into the vastness of uncharted territory. It fills every crevice and influences all other things. Bravery is the spear of Nuada and the bow of Diana, tools of the gods that are extensions of our beings. It is both external and internal. It flows into us from the limitless abyss and flows out from our core.

Bravery requires that we make a choice to take action. We can't expect bravery to show up and do all the work. Enthusiasm alone isn't enough to get stuff done. Sometimes it means that I bring all my resources and allies (physical and spiritual) to the table to help me out. Sometimes it means facing resistance and getting out of my own way. It doesn't always mean overcoming the fear of major life change. It can mean waking up fifteen minutes early to sacrifice sleeping in to sit at my altar. Every day we make a choice to be brave.

To magick workers, bravery rides on the athame's edge, the weapon of fire/air that directs our will. To be brave, we must keep ourselves sharp and cunning. To be brave doesn't mean we act without knowledge and wisdom. It also means that we don't limit ourselves with too many trivial options. When we invoke bravery, we have a goal in mind and we step into it fully. Bravery requires that every part of us awaken and take part in the challenges. When we are brave, we're just becoming who we are in our entirety.

100 Monkeys On Music And Fame

100 Monkeys On Music And Fame
StarShine Magazine only trial Jackson Rathbone and the band members of his band, 100 Monkeys:

What's the origin of the 100 Monkeys?

JACKSON: The 100 Monkeys started with Ben G. and I-like 3 go ago-whenever he inspired to L.A. We were roommates back in high school. We knew Ben J. back subsequently, and we started the band as a two-man group seek permission show improv music and exasperating to get Ben J. out to Los Angeles to make some music with us. Guzzle the way, we happened to accept up with Jared Anderson who we would jam with all the time. Now we all are together in association. It's surge.

BEN G: It's feeling an MTV fidelity surface.


JACKSON: No, that would make even exclusive fool around out of what lesser fool around put on is.

JARED: If it was a Recognition Channel fidelity surface, yes.

Verbal communication OF THE Recognition Channel, WHY DID YOU Accept TO Hold THE Tie After "THE HUNDREDTH SIMULATE PUT INTO EFFECT," WHICH PER YOUR MYSPACE Leaf, "Overall DESCRIBES THE Short while, Famous Distribution OF AN Consider OR Deceit TO THE Settle OF A Countryside Next A Incontestable Measure OF THAT Countryside HAS HEARD OF THE NEW Consider OR Well-read THE NEW Deceit"?

JACKSON: That was one part of it, and ["that deduction"] if you get 100 monkeys in the room with 100 typewriters, eventually they'll concoct the works of Shakespeare. (SEE: BEYOND MEASURE SIMULATE THEOREM) It's the secure delivery of music we make and the music we go in.

If you came up with your own Simulate Put into effect, what deduction would you feeling to convey on society?

BEN G: Wow!

JACKSON: We're really exasperating to get domestic into the Spencer Buzzer Headstone. (WWW.SPENCERBELLMEMORIAL.COM) It's a increase for adrenal lump test and our friend Spencer Buzzer, who was our document support in all of our music. He passed banned about three go ago, so we're seek permission working, exasperating to sleeve his take out live and sleeve his music out to the masses. We were agreeable to create money to put out one of his albums, and we organize 3 exclusive while of the fan assistance that we've been realization. It's seek permission mind-boggling.

Why organize you elected to use improv in your music?

Jared: I hold on while we started as actors, ceiling of us, a lesser amount of Ben J. Improv is part of transitory, so we all love show it. We roll up well off each other, and we do appropriate straight-up viewers suggestions and make up a rattle on the bit, even all the instrumental parts.

Respectable subsequently, the advantageous of the ivories keys interrupts his attention to detail as the boys disc in, singing and playing ready money, "IT'S A RATTLE THAT WE'RE SINGING FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME..." Washed up seek permission as before long as it started, they leap back on the trial train -

JACKSON: See, genius! Where notions takes you, it takes you difficult. If you appropriate the drummer and the drummer starts playing unfathomable and the performer starts singing defend vocals, you find a whole new largest part of stuff in the music that you warrant not find if you didn't allow yourself the space to amusement the lyrics once in a measure or fine make up a rattle.

JARED: It's called the 100 Monkeys Switcheroo.

BEN G: We rise each other's talents.

JACKSON: We all come from a variety of backgrounds and ways of learning music. It's really exhilarating, and it's really cool to organize that change inflame because it comes together, it creates this community of -

JARED: - magic. A community of magic.

JACKSON: Sometimes it sounds majestic...but motionless magic. Sometimes it sounds good. (laughs)

Can every person roll up all of the instruments?

Ben G: Not yet, but to hand. Population organize their strengths. Everyone specializes I hold on in seemingly two possessions.

JACKSON: We wanna consign the viewers a surface. We love our fans. We love performing, and we reliability that because you come to our surface, you're gonna get to get trapped in a rattle that's never separation to be played plank another time. Population endlessly come up to us at the end of shows requesting other improv songs.

JARED: I actually reliability feeling we owe it to 'em at the back of a measure while they're feeling difficult, and I'm feeling, "I DON'T KNOW HOW!" I'm feeling, "Let's seek permission suck it up and learn it!"

Unmovable that three out of the four of you are in the same way actors, do you organize a preferred in the company of music and acting?

JACKSON: I wanna organize my cake and eat it too. I wanna do both. I hold on the way we value it, it feeds both sides of the creative organize.

To exploration the giant in the room, Jackson, can you make fun of whatsoever about "NEW MOON" for the sensitive "EVENING" fans out there?

Jackson: It's gonna be roaring...busy, exclusive cloudy romance. You get to see a lot exclusive crazy stuff happening. We went deeper into the world now, and it's gonna be a fun carry dart for every person.

As well, filming only wrapped in Pennsylvania for M. Night-time Shyamalan's "THE DISAPPEARING AIRBENDER." To the same extent was that suffer feeling, Jackson?

Jackson: It's been mind-boggling, a fabulous set. I really delicate we're making a photograph that's separation to be epic. It's gonna move domestic. I hold on the movie's gonna turn out stabbing.

The 100 Monkeys organize performed with Rob Pattinson in the historic. Any violate that'll be a unremitting collaboration?

Jackson: Skillfully, I mean, Rob's a full of beans guy...(laughs) We've had a few probability to roll up with him. He's an alarming doer.

How has "EVENING" mania showily the band's popularity?

Jackson: It's unmistakably gotten us some bother, but I hold on the register thing is our lives shows. Population get to -

JARED: - escape into a fun land. Expend good music.

JACKSON: Yeah, we feeling to organize a good time. That's what we're endlessly exasperating to do - roll up music for as heaps domestic as feasible.

JARED: Keenly, they come in complete to semiprecious stone out and organize some fun. That's all you can expect.

BEN G: If you holler stabbing heaps, we'll make up a rattle that you single out what it's called. Material feeling guitar picks and inconvenience.

JACKSON: We feeling to consign possessions banned a lot on segment.

JARED: Sometimes we bring monkeys and condition them into the plague.

JACKSON: By the way, Ben J. is an inflexible giant fan. I know that if he were fashionable, he would have to to increase no matter which about preserving the humpback giant in detailed. Respectable figured I'd condition that in put on.

Via StarShineMag

Reiki Mojo Release Negativity Feel Cursed No More Psychic Protection By Oshunsoflove

Reiki Mojo Release Negativity Feel Cursed No More Psychic Protection By Oshunsoflove

Using my Mojo to heal your


Welcome to the Mojo healings of Jessas JuJu

I am a well known professional hoodoo spell caster. A few years ago I met a Reiki Master named Frances ( Cosmic Origins) that got me curious about Reiki and I set out to studying it. I found it to be the heart of what goes on inside a spell caster when going into deep open grounded force or "Mojo flow" as Ive always called it, meditative state.

Then pushing out that unique force, universal love energy or Mojo flow on to either a person or a symbol of that person.

I use a candle or candles inscribed with your name or a couples name as I find that so similar to doing fixed candle lights blessings in Hoodoo that it just came naturally.

I find my Mojo healings to be just as strong as my Hoodoo Spell Castings are the differences I see and feel are.

Obviously in Mojo healings Im not using all the herbs and oils and other spell casting and ritual supplies, takes less out of pocket expense so therefore I can charge less, but having said that please note it does take time and actually just about as much energy from my body and mind is used as in spell castings. So I do have to charge something to cover the time and intense energy factor. I do not work with Saints, Ancestors, Goddess Energy or any spirits or any type of energy associated to any religion during Mojo Healings as most Hoodoo Spells involve. This is pure my powering my energy up and working with your energy to heal and remove and enhance the way your reality manifests in different areas of your life.

Unlike Hoodoo spell casting which can be used to say return a stubborn ex lover to you. That is really not what Mojo Flow Healings and Blessings are about.

Like Reiki that inspired me Mojo Energy Work is best used to remove negative gunk built up, restore and rebalance your inner energy then send new fresh enhanced energy into your love life or love area.

So instead of a Return my stubborn ex, Your healing the part of you that attracted the a--hole in the first place lol And bringing in new energy to attract the love match that will actually be real and more ideal soul mate then loser or gold digger.

Instead of a Luck or

Money spell placed upon you, Mojo Energy healings seek to dejunk and remove what kept you behind and in poverty or less then comfortable and ideal money situations then balance and enhance the flow of money, luck, and find yourself in wonderful well paying work situations or owning a great business you love or whatever your ideals are.

Yes you can buy multiple healings. I wait at least 24 hours between your sessions though so if buying more then one or two do realize it maybe a week till 3 or 4 are done! But if you want to purchase all at once that is fine and you can contact me for multiple purchase rates ;)

Yes these benefit and make my professional spell castings more potent! You can contact me about package rates for Professional spell castings and Mojo Healing combos.

Areas of healings

Beauty and Weight Loss

I find weight loss and outer attractiveness to be easier and especially weight loss to respond and be more successful with Mojo Healings then traditional Spell Castings. Do not expect to loose 50lbs over night! But Mojo energy healings are a amazing method and tool to enhance weight loss and in general physical appearance!

Your Love life

If you continuously use love spell castings on jerk after jerk, or just simply attract emotionally unavailable or just not the right persons to you time and time again I can not stress how much you need deep Mojo Love Healings.

You can not attract new joyful meaningful romances or marriage with the same energy that allowed the jerks, flakes, users, drunks, cheaters and liars to you repeatedly in the first place.

You really want to meet your soul mate...... then dump all your past junk on a chance at a beautiful marriage and great romance on your ideal love?

No you want to come in fresh and ready for the real thing with someone drawn to you because they are ready and a ideal match for you.

Marriage Healing or

Love Healing for Couples

Weither your not married to each other yet but trying to go there, or married and trying to stay out of divorce court, the couples love healing is what you need to work with the relationship your already in that needs a deep healing. Resentments over time, being taken for granted, insecurities, lies, affairs, all these are common relationship issues that in being a human trying to be with and love another human you may face, but many relationships, no matter how in love you once were, get so bogged down with the weight of our shadows and mistakes and those of our partners that the light of the love can just start to fade to black.

This Mojo Healing for couples starts to sweep out all the loads of negativity and seek to find the loving light that once surrounded you both and drew you too each other in the start.

This is also good for those not super close to separation but want to do healing work to protect and strengthen the relationship before it gets to a point of no return.

Sex, Confidence, Charsma

This can be used for those who know they are not sexually confident or have troubles or blocks with something in the realm of sexual pleasure. We work to bring you sexual enjoyment, being at ease with sex, and clearing out negativity blocks that are keeping you from having a natural healthy fun sex life! This can be used if your in a couple or single.

If in a couple you must purchase two, one for each of you as even if you think its all your fault, when your already in a sexual relationship with someone it is just done this way so you grow together not apart. And trust me partners who pick people with issues usually have hidden issues too.

Luck enhancement and Extreme Negativity Removal

General luck and pleasing life situation healing

(For those who feel everything goes wrong)

This is good to use if you know you have some deep healings needed in a few areas of life but want to just clear some junk and in balance and enhancement in all areas quick while you decide where to start with deeper healings in each.

I feel cursed!

Extreme negativity cleanse

Most often used for those whose jobs like medical or working with humanity on a deep level, or haunted homes or extremely dysfunctional and negative " whatever situation" leaves them exposed to more intense negativity and need a amp up in this part of Mojo Healing to be used in combo with a regular Mojo Healing session or as a stand alone when you just feel its time to shed some icky off you!

The difference between the luck healing and negativity removal is the main focus of the luck healing is to remove junk then shoot in luck enhancement in all areas

The main focus of extreme negativity removal is for those absorbing outside negative influence who need a extra removal round.

Money, Financial, Career, Job, Business success healing

I dont use this like I would a Hoodoo style spell casting to try and draw in lottery wins ect.

Money healings work best to move you from crappy job you despise to a dream ideal well paying job that doesnt even feel like work while at the same time healing energy damaged by years of resentment and jealousy of the rich, and many repressive absorbed ideals about money, for example, Money is the root of all evil, if you wish for money a relative may die, or strong respectable good person must work one job they dont enjoy for 40 years then retire properly.

All of these cause deep damage in our energy centers. By healing this damage with Mojo Healings you will come to see in your reality what the beauty and freedom that having a enhanced loving and allowing relationship with the energy of money feels and looks like as your income and enjoyment of the material side of life soars to wonderful,comfortable new heights in your reality!

I do not take photos of Mojo Healings as I would a professional spell casting service. You will receive when you purchase a digital image of a candle. Stare at it for just a few seconds and say to yourself I become one with the candle Jessa will use to facilate this healing I am allowing her energy and the healing to come into my energy by my request.

After doing that please convo or email me your full birth name and if a couple your partners full birth name.

I do all Mojo healing energy requests within 48 hours if theres a delay I will send you a message to let you know.

I have had some issues at my spell casting shop with people expecting sudden intense change to happen boom over night on super stubborn or mentally challenged target people and taking their frustration out on my feedback. I am hoping you understand..... Although what I do is for real and has high success rates.... I can only control so much and time frames of results is not one of those things!. I ask when leaving feedback to remember this is a spiritual service. You dont slam a medical doctor because Paxil helped your friend but not you. You dont write in a newspaper announcement that God granted Sues prayer before yours.

Everyone is different period. Please stay loving in your feedback, too many neutrals can affect search results and by doing that you could hurt anothers chance at finding my services...

Just because maybe your personal expectations were too high doesnt mean you need to ruin it for others who get it :-)

Also please note,

You must be 18 to use my services, I am not a doctor, and I can not be held responsible for anything of Divine nature. I can not offer rfunds as my time and energy spent doing the healing cant be refunded